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Trish Toledo at The Siren in Morro Bay

An independent artist with an old school sound – meet Trish Toledo, a musical time

traveler who reinvests brilliant pop and soul ballads from the early Sixties with modern

fire and fortitude.

From Carson, California, a community south of Los Angeles, Trish was born into an

Ecuadorian-Guatemalan family with much older siblings. Their musical tastes – plus the

influence of her father, who was a musician – provided her with access to music that

existed long before her time. Although the first music she sang was cumbias and

ballads, she discovered that it was the timeless pop and soul ballads that she felt most

connected to.

While her father’s musical influences permeated her childhood, it was his “musician’s

life” that accounted for his absence from the family. Subsequently, when she became a

teen parent herself, Trish put her own musical aspirations on hold in order to offer

undivided attention as a mother. In May 2017, now old enough to realize his mother’s

formidable vocal abilities, it was her now 15-year son that noted the void in his mom’s

life, as he encouraged her to reestablish her musical journey.

Exploring a classic catalog of material, Trish selects songs to record based on how the

themes most faithfully mirror her life experiences. ”What I have gone through, or am

going through,” she says.

Now writing and recording her original music from her home in Long beach , CA with

her band , Trish is getting ready to release a full length album for all her loving and

devoted fans.

Trish Toledo does what she does best: sings, performs, and connects a historic line

between the music of an earlier era, and the audiences of today. “People are so happy

that I’m reviving this music,” Trish concludes. “ Bringing it back – so that a new

generation gets to hear this.”

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