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Rising Appalachia - A Celebration of Sun at Treebones Resort

Jun 21, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Treebones Resort
71895 California 1
Big Sur, CA 93920


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Leah and Chloe's Appalachia Folk Choir Master Class


Leah and Chloe's Appalachia Folk Choir Master Class.

The Master Class doors are a 1pm and the course will begin at 1:15pm  on Thursday June 20th at Treebones Resort.  The purchase of a Master Class admission also includes admission in the the concert Friday June 21st with early addmission at 4:45pm.

*Lodging not included in your Master Class ticket. Call 1 (877)424-4787 to book your stay.

Leah and Chloe’s Rising Appalachia vocal master class explores sound vibration and body movement as tools for self-awareness. The space is created to help each participant to embody the physical art of making sound from all the many resonators in the body. This workshop utilizes the expressions of the body through movement and music using a variety of techniques including vocal contact improv, creative sound improvisation, group harmonics, global singing techniques, as well as movement drawing upon Yoga and Modern Dance.

We will explore Chanting, Toning, Improvisational Voice Techniques, and Song Writing practices and prompts drawn from personal experience as well as music rooted in American Southern Blues, traditional roots music from New Orleans, Ireland and England, Bulgaria, Cuba, Appalachia, the Balkans, and more. Global Sound workshops allow each participant to explore their individual voice as well as how our sounds relate to one another.

Come participate and learn to create your own sound palate. Space is limited to 30 participants.

Introduction: Circle up trios, contact improv, creative sound introductions.
Movement: Yoga, breathwork, and modern dance as a way to loosen into the body and vocal chords.
Song-Improv: Combine movement and vocals for full creative interpretation (teach by example)…teach sound specifics and regional songs based on the call and response tradition.
Song-Instruction: Teaching specific songs and their origins. Give participants a few songs to take home and sing/learn.
Final: Cool down tonal circle and stretching, brief chanting and intention setting.
talk back, feed back.

‣ To heighten the awareness of world culture through song
‣ To instill a sense of originality, comfort, and expansion within the voice and the body
‣ To create an open avenue for self expression as well as group awareness and sensitivity
‣ To free the stereotype that people are born “singers” and draw focus to both the deep training AND loose approaches to song.
‣ To heighten the importance of telling one's personal story through song and movement.

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- Gates opening at 5pm. Ticket holders will not be allowed into the venue prior. The event ends upon the finish of Rising Appalachia's performance & at that time ticket holders will be asked to leave.
- No dogs permitted, this will be firmly enforced.
- No cell service or wifi at concert bowl - payphone available onsite.
- Bring warm clothes, picnic blankets & low back lawn chairs. Be advised the concert bowl is a "sloped" venue.
- The resort grounds and facilities (restrooms/showers, pool accommodations) are off limits to concert goers. However our retail store will be open to shop.
- Portable restrooms will be available onsite.
- Food & Drinks will be available for purchase with options for GF, DFO, & VG. We accept Cash, Visa, MC, Amex & Apple Pay. 
- Outside coolers with food & alcoholic beverages prohibited. 
- Local vendors & Treebones merchandise to shop onsite.
- Upon arrival, please see the parking attendant in a green vest just north of Treebones entrance in the big pull-out and they will direct you where to park.
   Parking is limited, grab a friend & carpool if you can! 
- At this time, Highway 1 is currently closed to the North of Treebones & we are only accessible from the South. Please follow google maps or reach out for most up to date road conditions.

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Rising Appalachia A Celebration of Sun at Treebones Resort in Big Sur

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Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia is an internationally touring Americana and world folk ensemble steeped in the soul of the South. It is the brainchild of Atlanta-raised sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith, rooted in the traditional folk music of their family, storytelling, songcatching, grassroots activism, lyrical prowess, and a multi-instrumental tapestry of their melodic ensemble. 

Rising Appalachia's music is a reflection of their times, blending folk traditions with contemporary themes, lyrics, and poetry. The band's unique sound is shaped by Leah and Chloe's soulful vocals, simple instrumentation, and seamless harmonies, unique to siblings raised in folk traditions. They are joined by a host of talented musicians who bring their own cultural influences, enriching the blend of folk, world, and urban music that defines the smooth sound of Rising Appalachia. Featuring full-time members David Brown (upright bass, baritone guitar), Duncan Wickle (fiddle, cello), and Biko Casini (drums and world percussion), plus a host of special guests, expect to be swooned into a tapestry of silky sounds. 

Their journey has taken them around the world, from sailboat tours across British Columbia to street theater festivals in Southern Italy, a busking career in New Orleans, and traditional song studies in Ireland, Bulgaria, Latin America, and beyond. They have also engaged in immersive cultural exchange programs and music gatherings everywhere that they go. Their dedication for nearly two decades to their craft has led them to acclaimed appearances (Telluride and Bluegrass Festival, Preservation Jazz Hall, Bob Bilen's Tiny Desk, Red Rocks, and more) and sold-out concerts at venues across the country. 

Through their music, Rising Appalachia bridges cultures and stories, creating connections that resonate deeply with their audiences of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Expect a boot-stomping banjo tune alongside an eerie ballad of beats and blues all mashed up with a piece of breathtaking cello, fiddle, and bowed bass. 

Eschewing established industry norms, Leah, Chloe, and their team have followed the invitation to intuitively and independently forge their own path. Fifteen years and seven studio albums into an ambitious adventure that has already taken these medicine women around the world, Rising Appalachia continues spreading musical catharsis with an iridescent elixir of global soul. Come join the songs and make them your own.


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